Namaste’s mobile service in West Jajarkot

Jajarkot,West Jajarkot is connected to the communication service. West Jajarkot is connected to the communication service after Nepal Telecom constructed a new tower including Four G.

Seven Namaste towers under construction in the district have come into operation in  Shivalaya village municipality from today. According to Nepal Telecom, locals living in Shivalaya and Chhedagad municipalities have got operating facility from this tower. The construction of the tower was carried out separately from Faraj Karnali in Jajarkot after constant pressure from former Minister for Forests and Environment Shakti Bahadur Basnet and State Assembly member Ganesh Prasad Singh.

As the work of the tower to be constructed in Jajarkot will be delayed if the work of 10 districts is done at the same time, the work was started by separating the frame of Jajarkot. Telephone service has started in Shivalaya from today after separating the work of Jajarkot. Similarly, the tower in Ratankot of Barekot village municipality will be operational within a week as the construction work has been completed. He said that the tower under construction in Nalgad Municipality-8 will be operational within a month.

Similarly, work has been completed for the construction of new towers in Ragda and Bhagwati wards of Nalgad. A few months ago, Namaste’s phone service was started in Junichande village municipality. It is expected that if all these towers come into operation, it will be easier to communicate across the district.