Mudkechula becoming the ‘hub’ of apples


Jajarkot: Along with the construction of Jajarkot-Dolpa road, Mudkechula village municipality of Lower Dolpa has intensified the distribution of apple seedlings to farmers. More than 40,000 apple saplings have been distributed at the joint initiative of the village municipality and the state government, said village chairman Datta Bahadur Shahi.

The plant planted three years ago will now bear fruit within a year, said Chairman Shahi. Five thousand apple seedlings produced by the locals in their own nurseries have been distributed to the farmers this fiscal year. Become the apple of the village According to Chairman Shahi, the purpose is to make it.

The seedlings have been purchased at Rs. 70 and distributed to the farmers. Saplings have been distributed in wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 of the village municipality. Apple seedlings have been distributed based on demand. Road construction work is underway in two places in the village municipality. Local Sameer Shahi said that the possibility of apple trees starting to bear fruit has increased as soon as the road construction work is completed.

As soon as the road construction work started from Triveni and Jumla, the locals are happy that the apples they produce will get market. Similarly, distribution of one thousand seedlings is underway. Dolpa is considered to be a good district for apple production. Farmers were suffering due to lack of market for apples produced here. With the expansion of roads, the number of farmers planting apples has increased as dolpali apples are available in different parts of the country. Apple production is improving in Dolpa, where food production is low. rss