Changed priorities in development

Hemant KC
Jajarkot –  The local government, which had given priority to roads in the year of its establishment, has changed its priorities last year.

It has been seen that the local level has been advancing its policies and programs in the last one year by giving priority to the improvement of health services from employment to the locals. Livestock, agriculture, health, drinking water, employment and irrigation have also been found to be the main priorities. Local level chiefs have said that the local roads that were opened in the year of establishment are now being upgraded.

He said that priority has been given to safe maternity, nutrition for pregnant women and improvement of education sector. It has also been found that daughter safety has been given top priority in lifelong programs. Such things have been mentioned in the report submitted by the District Coordination Committee Jajarkot in the report submitted by the local government. The local government has also provided employment to the heavily unemployed manpower through the Prime Minister’s Employment Program and the Chief Minister’s Employment Program.

Mayor Nalgad, who has given priority to agriculture, produced 35 tonnes of garlic and sold it in Kathmandu, said Mayor Tek Bahadur Rawal. In the fiscal year 2076/77 BS, flags were planted in the houses of 455 pregnant women and other basic items were also provided, said Mayor Rawal. Similarly, in Nalgad Municipality, where 407 women had undergone institutional delivery, 29 percent of the pregnancies were tested in the previous fiscal year, which has increased to 62 percent this fiscal year.
It is mentioned that 19 kilometers of roads were constructed and 48 kilometers were maintained and upgraded in the fiscal year 2076/77. Similarly, a 64-km horse-drawn road has been constructed, according to the municipality.

Two health institution buildings have been constructed and seven are under construction. The construction of four community school buildings has been completed and seven are under construction, according to the municipality.