Computer assistance in school attended in childhood

Hemant KC
Jajarkot,  Shiva Shankar Secondary School in Bheri Municipality, which was criticized for constructing a cowshed in the school four years ago, is now preparing to teach from a computer.
Technology has been used in the school after getting 20 computers on the initiative of Niraj Acharya, central member of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). Students who used to read only in textbooks but without seeing computer are now reading happily. The students are happy after the establishment of labs with projectors, printers and computers at Dipendra Higher Secondary School, Bhur, Bhagwati Higher Secondary School, Kudu and Shankar Bhawan Higher Secondary School, Bahunthana.
Acharya said that computer labs have been set up in the schools with the help of Dr. Om Dahal, an engineer who has been organizing marathon races in the United States for the past four years.
Each school has been provided with one projector, one printer and 15 computers in Bahunthana and 20 computers in Jagtipur, Bhur and Kudu. According to Acharya, the computer lab will help the students to do computer-related practical exercises, do regular school work and study through projectors.
The school has thanked the leader Acharya and his collaborator Dr. Dahal for taking the initiative in setting up the computer lab. Kalu Hamal, president of Shiva Shankar Higher Secondary School, Jagatipur, said that the establishment of computer lab will help in bringing internet service in the school. Earlier, computers provided by the government were running out of electricity. The locals are happy after Acharya handed over the computer to the school where he studied in his childhood.
It is expected that computer education will be effective in the schools of the district now as the central transmission line is being connected in all the places of the district. Nepal Telecommunication in all secondary schools